Diesel Generator Engine Oil

Adrol ARB Turbo 15W40 CI-4
Product Description Adrol ARB TURBO CI-4 15W40 is commercial multipurpose heavy duty high performance diesel engine oil for use in modern highly rated turbo charged and naturally aspirated diesel engines. This oil is developed from high quality base stocks and proven performance additives to provide excellent shear stability and engine protection under all types of [...] Read More
Adrol Elite Supreme 15W40 CF-4
Product Description Adrol ELITE SUPREME CF-4 15W40 is a mixed fleet diesel engine oil especially designed to provide excellent protection to fleets containing vehicles from a variety of manufacturers. It is a truly versatile product which can be used in trucks, buses and off road vehicles. This oil is developed from high quality base stocks [...] Read More
Adrol ARB Plus 20W40 CF
Product Description Adrol ARB Plus 20W40 CF is a heavy duty diesel engine oil formulated from high viscosity index base stocks and selected group of additives which provide effective protection to engines and trouble free longer service life. This oil is developed to exceeds the requirements of a wide range of diesel engines and other [...] Read More

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